Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Just do it - in a minute or three!

I had to work hard at keeping the mantra today mainly because I had very little sleep last night.  I went to bed at a reasonable time and got off to sleep but woke after a couple of hours.  It took me ages to get back to sleep and I no sooner seemed to drop off when I was awake again.

I tried all my usual techniques to get back to sleep but nothing seemed to be working.  It wasn't helped by the fact that hubby had taken his CPAP mask off and was snoring like mad. I ended up in the spare room and again it seemed like I had only just nodded off when he was waking me up. 

I did get a few things done, including preparing a nice pork dinner cooked in the slow cooker.  Yes I don't leave dinner to hubby every night.  I also had to go and pick the car up from the garage after it had been serviced.  That's a bit of a trek now since our local garage closed but as our car is likely to be subject to a recall following all the hoo haa over diesel emissions with VW I'm wary of taking it anywhere other than the main dealer until that has been sorted.

I then had the nice surprise of our daughter dropping in on her way to a Samaritan shift.  She was only here for about an hour but we've hardly seen her since the wedding and probably won't see her again now until Boxing Day.

Now I'm just rattling off this blog so I keep my momentum going before having a reasonably early night.

I'm actually composing this on my laptop on my recycled bureau.  I think I'm going to like this arrangement.  I watched some TV earlier and made a point of not having the laptop down with me but made a point of turning the TV off once it was recording something I can watch later and coming up to blog.  Multi tasking is good to a point, but I think it does help sometimes to focus on one thing at a time, particularly a Swedish programme with English subtitles!  (The Bridge)

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  1. Good to catch up with you here! Hope you can sleep well tonight. I agree that concentrating on one thing at a time is sometimes better than giving multiple things only a piece of your attantion and time.


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