Thursday, 10 December 2015

It's the little things....10/12/15

So drum roll please, blogging four days in a row.  Maybe I can make this into a good habit but let's not get ahead of myself.

I've been tackling some things on my immediate to do list again today.  I investigated switching some of my tax allowance, which I am not using, to my husband.  There have been notices about how this is possible thanks to the re-introduction of marriage allowance.  I was all excited about this.  Even gathered the papers together that the website said I would need. But we failed at the first hurdle!  Apparently hubby earns so much that the Government considers he doesn't need the benefit of marriage allowance.  Oh well, at least I can cross it off my to do list.

Seems to be the way of things, 3 steps forward, 1 (or sometimes 2,3 or more (yikes) back!  I needed to gather together the old portable TVs we have around the house to get the council to collect them.  Now we've become digital the portables are outdated.  Anyway in locating one I noticed a box of my Mum's stuff that I've been meaning to throw out for a while.  However, when I started going through the box I realised that I'm not ready to just throw it out.  It's mainly cards that my Dad sent her over the years - he always bought her beautiful cards with lovely words in them.   But there were also telegrams he sent her during the war (WW2) and his time in the army.  Plus telegrams they received on their wedding.  I even found the name tag from when I was born.  So many memories.

Well of course I can't just get rid of those.  They're part of our family history and should be kept but in a way that's relevant.  So I think I'm going to photograph the cards and create an electronic record - it's interesting to see how styles changed over the years.  I also plan to make a scrapbook of the other documents that can be passed on. 

That task has been added to my long term tasks and although I didn't achieve much with that box today, just allocating it as a future task and having a plan for what I need to do makes me feel more positive about the box just sitting where it is.  It's on the plan now and I'm on a mission.

And the TVs are ready to put outside the house tomorrow to be collected!  Baby steps, baby steps!


  1. Sounds like you are on a roll. I know what you mean about that box. It is incredibly hard to deal with these things. I did the exact same thing and made a digital record. I did it when we moved here too and I simply couldn't keep all the boxes of the kids school work. I picked a few really special bits to keep and photographed the rest. Then I gave each child a box of their stuff for them to do with whatever they want.

  2. lucky you finding that box of cards. It sounds so heart-warming!

  3. How sweet that you rediscovered the box of treasures. I like your idea to make a digital record of them. That's what I've been doing with old photographs. It's good to see you here again today!


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