Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge 30/12/15

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1. Share a favourite memory/moment from the week of Christmas.
I think my favourite moment was when we sat down for Christmas dinner.  That’s what we’d all been building up to and to get there with a lovely dinner in front of you and to be able to enjoy it with family was such a good feeling.
2.  If someone wrote a book about your life based on the past year, what genre would it fall under? What would the title be?
It would definitely be called Life after School and I guess it would fall under the genre of facing and overcoming adversity and lifestyle changes.
3. What made you feel patriotic this year?
I’m not sure that I have been feeling particularly patriotic this year.
4. What experience from this past year would you like to do all over again?
My daughter’s wedding.
5. What song lyric sums up or is a reflection of your 2015?
Everything must change

6. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate 2015?  (10=stellar) Why?
A 6, maybe 7.   The first few months were definitely low scorers but the end of the year has been better so I’ve averaged it out.
7. What part of the upcoming year are you most excited about?
My son’s wedding in August.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
It’s amazing how resilient we can be if we try.  Just do it.


  1. Wow! A wedding this year and one in 2016! Congratulations on both! I am visiting from the link-up where I am your neighbor! Happy New Year

  2. Another wedding, how awesome is that! Enjoyed reading your answers.
    Happy New Year......

  3. Oh my goodness, two weddings two years in a row! Your family is growing :)
    Have a Happy New Year!
    Kathy (from Reflections)

  4. Hi - How fun, another wedding. :-) What month will your son get married?
    I am so happy you had a lovely Christmas.
    Sending New Year Hugs,


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