Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wednesday Waffle

Well usually Wednesday means Hodgepodge but Joyce is still in the throes of moving so I'll just give you a bit of waffle instead.

Thanks to all the compliments on our (almost) finished guest room.  Our guests seem to have enjoyed staying with us.  They leave for Newcastle and then Edinburgh tomorrow morning.  They've been finding the wet and windy weather in London hard to cope with after travelling through Portugal, Spain and southern France.  Little do they know it will be even colder up north!  The first major snow of the year was forecast for Scotland yesterday.

I might need to fit in a nap this afternoon.  I was woken at 5.30 am today as hubby had an early start for a business trip to Leeds.  I was going to just turn over and try and get back to sleep but decided to peek at the US election results.  Big mistake.  I never did get back to sleep and spent time commiserating with our American guest.  His own state voted for Clinton, as he would have done had he been able to organise a postal vote, but unfortunately that was not the decision of the country.

It was a bit like when we woke up after the Brexit vote earlier this year.  As in "How did that happen?!"

However, the fact is it has and I hope, for everyone's sake, that some of Trump's crazier announcements during the campaign (that wall springs to mind) won't actually happen.  Unfortunately, with the Senate and Congress also controlled by Republicans he'll find it easier to get things done than Obama.  He seemed quite rational when making his acceptance speech.  We'll be watching closely to see how things move forward.

It would be nice to think we are moving forward with Brexit but it seems to be 2 steps forward 1 step back most of the time (if not 3 steps back!).  Only this week Theresa May had to backtrack and make concessions while on a visit to India and now the Courts are getting involved I dread to think how long it will take to totally remove ourselves from Europe.  Of course part of me would like Brexit not to happen but it was voted for and the sooner it happens and we can begin to move on, the better.

I think the main problem is that the policitians didn't believe the vote would be to leave and therefore weren't actually prepared with a plan on the the exit process.

This is starting to sound a bit like a political blog.  Not my intention at all.  Although I have been in touch with our local councillor a couple of times recently about the parking scheme that is being introduced.  The latest communication was over a disabled parking bay that has been marked in the street two houses down from us.  It looks to me as if it has been put in the wrong place.  Fortunately my councillor is on the case.  I will be watching that space!

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  1. I think that would have been quite interesting to talk about the election with your American guest and get his perspective on it. Having lived overseas for the last several elections, it was quite different being back in the States for this one. And snow in Scotland - yikes, winter is here. My hubby says that it's been very cold up in Glasgow.


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