Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Tuesday Twaddle - 26/2/19

Well all my meandering yesterday revolved around Grandson Nathan.  We had a change of days this week so I was there yesterday.  We meandered up the hill to the shops in the morning and meandered around the park in the afternoon chasing after his football.  Actually not much chasing was required as he can't kick it very far yet and he was a bit unsure about the bumpy grass so he wasn't running very fast either.  But still, all that activity was tiring.  Add in the factor that the trains weren't running well yesterday so I had to drive there and back it's probably no surprise my blog was neglected yesterday.  My bed was not!

Anyway that meant a reprieve for today but we had a visit from Grandson Rory and my son instead.  He's crawling everywhere now so that means having to be more vigilant with him as, especially if he spots an open door, he seems to cover the floor very quickly!  It is lovely being so close to them and watching them grow up and thankfully, due to social media we can keep in touch with how Noah's doing too.  Although sometimes you get TMI (too much information) particularly on their bowel movements (or lack of them) lol.  Seriously I love all of it so if DIL #2 is reading this don't stop posting!

Talking of bowel movements reminded me of this picture spotted on Facebook today:

with of course the question which one are you?  

There was great debate amongst the comments.  Some people even referred to the patent application picture showing the paper hanging as in B.

Personally I'm a B but I don't get in a tizzy over it, especially as it's usually me that restocks the toilet rolls so it hangs how I like it and yes if hubby or anyone else gets it wrong I might change it around.  Although I'm more likely to do this if the two sheets aren't aligned properly and if you don't know what I mean by that you could watch this clip from YouTube

Yes really!  Sorry if you watched it.  That's 22 seconds of your life wasted. (Unless of course you didn't know how to fix it when the two layers don't align in which case I've just done you a favour.)

Well of course I'm reading the responses to the A or B dilemma and thinking why are these people getting so worked up over this let alone bothering to check out the patent application to reinforce their opinions?  After all changing the toilet roll doesn't cause brain damage according to many of the images I found when I googled it.  

Or maybe it does.  Why else would I be waffling on about toilet rolls on a lovely Tuesday afternoon?    Rhetorical question!


  1. :-) Wendy, funny on the toilet paper.
    How is your weather, is spring on the way?
    We are getting more snow today. I will post photos soon. We have a lot!

  2. Type B people don't have cats.

    1. Umm Terri and I would probably disagree with that lol. She still has cats and we used to have 2. The toilet roll was never a problem.


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