Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Another step forward....

Thank you to all those who stopped by and commented on yesterday's post.  It's definitely uplifting when you know you're not sitting here composing posts in a void and that people do read them!

The drain survey was done here yesterday.  Fortunately the engineer was able to lift our inspection cover that hasn't been disturbed in about 20 years!  And our drains are ok!  Of course we knew that but we understand the need for the buyers to check and be sure.

It made us feel that it was probably something we should get done on the house we're buying and we used the same company who were able to do the survey today and it was done first thing this morning!

Not quite so straightforward as here - apparently the inspection cover is located in the crawl space under the back extension of the house and would need 2 people to lift it off.  As an alternative the engineer removed the downstairs toilet and accessed the drains that way (and of course reinstated it afterwards!) and they all seem fine.  Not an ideal set up if we do have any problems in future but at least there is an inspection cover and we're aware of where it is.

So another box ticked.

We also did some admin yesterday answering questions the buyer's solicitor had raised, hopefully to their satisfaction.

We were a bit puzzled to be asked to provide more information about a "flood" (not something we've ever had) but it was an error.  Phew!  They wanted more info on an attempted break-in that happened years ago.  Hopefully they'll be reassured by the fact the attempt was unsuccessful and we've never had any actual break-ins while we've been here.

At last it feels like we're moving forward and I'm encouraged to get on with more sorting.  Apparently all the searches that solicitors conduct have come back on our house so we're expecting more questions in the next day or so but hopefully we can resolve any issues and look forward to discussing exchange and completion dates.

This move might actually happen!


  1. The inspections are certainly a lot more thorough than what we've had done over here. On the bright side, you will feel confident that the place you're buying is in tip top shape! Good to hear that things are progressing:)

    1. I think it's because the houses are old - ours was built in 1890, the other house around 1930.

  2. How exciting, Wendy. (regardless of all the stuff happening, smiles)

  3. Each small step forward brings your move closer to reality.

  4. A step forward is always good!! Still happy for you!

  5. How exciting. I was just going through the papers we signed when we bought our house 24 years ago. Brought back all those memories.
    Janet’s Smiles


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