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Wednesday Hodgepodge - 1/7/20

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1. Are you currently making plans of any kind? What kind? What emotions are associated with the planning process? Tell us about one plan you had to cancel due to the current situation which shall remain nameless. Ha!
I was going to say no plans but then I remembered we're trying to move house!  That seems to be going to plan so I actually have lists and lists on the go.  This will be a very emotional journey for us - we've been in this house over 27 years and for my Hubby it will be the first move out of the area he's lived in all his life.  We're only moving about 5 miles but in a city like London that's huge.

As for cancelled plans well we've missed quite a few birthdays during the last few months.  So much catching up to do.

2. Last time you saw stars, either literally or figuratively?
I can't remember exactly when it was but it was at the time that Elon Musk's Satellite Train was passing this way.  We didn't actually get a good sighting of the train but we did see stars.  It's actually hard to see stars where we are due to the ambient light from living in a city.

3. Blueberries yay or nay? Blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry yogurt, blueberries by the handful...what's your pleasure?
Blueberry muffins would be favourite on that list.

4. swim against the tide, swimming upstream, in the swim, sink or swim, makes your head swim...choose one of the 'swim' idioms listed and tell us how/why you relate?
I feel like my head is swimming some days trying to sort through all our stuff!  We're currently sorting into:  Stuff that will go with us to the new house, stuff that will go to my son's garage to be collected by our other son and daughter, stuff that could go to a charity shop/homeless shelter etc and RUBBISH!

There is a lot of rubbish lol.

5. Sum up your June in a single sentence.
We found a house!

6.  Insert your own random thought here.
Well there is a lot of doom and gloom around at the moment but we're expecting 3 more Grandkids this year so a lot of joy to look forward to.  And, for anyone who's been following me for a while and will remember our niece's little girl Poppy who has a liver problem and was very very poorly at one time.  Well she's doing really well now and will be getting a little brother or sister next January.  Our family continues to grow.


  1. Best of luck going through all your stuff and with your move. It's amazing how much stuff we collect over the years!

  2. AWESOME news about the house! And even more great news about your niece's little girl, Poppy (love that name!). Ohhhhhhhhhhhh before we moved here from Alabama 7 years ago, oh my goodness, I don't even want to talk about it and now, we are planning another great escape...oy. smiles

  3. Happy news about Poppy. And such an exciting year with three new little ones waiting to make their appearance. I can imagine those lists you are making and decisions about all the stuff. Our move to the country from the city was after living in our city house for 20 years. Congratulations on finding the house to move to.

  4. I remember praying for Poppy and am glad to hear she's doing well. You do have a lot of excitement in the coming year. It's nice to have something to look forward to that will add sunshine to your life.

  5. Congratulations on those new grandbabies and what wonderful news about little Poppy. You do have much to look forward to in the near future. Trust your move goes very smoothly.

  6. So many new babies arriving - so wonderful! So glad Poppy is on the mend. You are certainly going to be busy! We have been in our house for 11 years and I know how much stuff can accumulate. Especially when the kids start to move out and leave stuff for us to 'look after'!

  7. This post is just full of wonderful news an so many blessings!! Thanks for keeping us posted!!

  8. Great news about the grandkids. We have none but that's kind of okay with me. Good luck with the move. I prefer blackberries to blueberries, had to miss a baseball game we had tickets to (got a refund though) and no concerts at all this year. I see stars almost every night but that's because I'm looking for the moon :) Happy Thursday.
    Janet’s Smiles


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