Monday, 27 July 2020

Up and Down

Well it's been a week since I blogged properly (excluding my weekly photo) and it's been very up and down.

The downside was the ongoing saga with the house.  The survey on our house threw up issues relating to the roof, specifically the supporting structures, and also the electrical wiring.  A bit of negotiation followed (a drop in price) and hopefully we are back on track ....except today we are waiting for a survey to be done on our drains. 

The surveyor failed to notice we do actually have an inspection chamber for the drains.  No doubt he has reported that he was unable to check the drains and advised having a survey done.  We understand but ....if he had only asked while he was here we could have shown him where the inspection chamber is and also confirmed that we have never had a problem with the drains!  The buyers might still have wanted to get a survey done but at least they would have been working on correct information.

We don't anticipate any problems with it and we have made it clear we are not dropping our price any further.  Fingers crossed.

The survey on the house we're buying didn't really throw up any major issues but there are a few things our solicitor will need to check with regard to the building works that were done in the past to do with planning permission etc.  Again we're hoping that will all be ok.

All this uncertainty though is not good for my mental health which is already suffering from the pandemic.  It's hard to knuckle down and get on with sorting/cleaning etc when nothing seems certain.

So that was all the down side to the week - 2 steps forward, 1 back but still slowly moving forward.

But lots of ups too! 

Nick took a lot of rubbish we'd sorted to the tip and our gardener came this week so the garden looks tidier and the patio no longer looks like a rubbish dump.

We moved all our daughter's stuff over to our son's garage for now so our bedroom is no longer cluttered with lots of boxes.

We saw a few members of Nick's family this week and we babysat Rory a couple of times.  We've also had a video chat with Nathan which was better than usual.  He often wants to call us but then gets distracted easily and doesn't want to chat but doesn't want Mummy to chat either. 

Nathan and Rory and their parents also got together this weekend in a park so that was nice for them.

We had hoped to see our eldest son at the weekend but that visit was cancelled when his Father-in-law thought he might have picked up the virus.  Thankfully he was able to get tested quickly and the test was negative and now he's feeling fine so we all breathed a sigh of relief and hopefully Matt will visit next weekend.

We've had rain - not the best thing for getting out to walk but it's saved me the job of watering the garden.

All our family, including the pregnant DILs and babies are well. 

Hold that thought!


  1. Sending hugs Wendy, sounds like a hard week.
    I have found my self not as positive as I try to be, because we seem to be going backwards with this virus instead of forward. Good news is Sam is out of quarantine. All 7 teammates are well.

  2. I don't envy you those survey problems. How anyone manages to remain calm through it all I have no idea. Remain strong Wendy.

  3. Wow... yes, lots of ups and downs but the ups win, I think! I thought of you last night when we were watching a TV show called Somebody Feed Phil and Phil was in London. He went to the Borough Market and it looks wonderful. I wondered if you go there? The restaurants he ate in all seemed great too, including the fish & chips place. Wish I could remember all the names but I did remember the market. Wishing you a good week ahead!!

  4. It's so difficult to live in Limbo Land, isn't it? Praying all goes well for you - and soon!

    Focus on the ups sides! Decluttering helps my mental health a lot!

  5. Fingers crossed that all the news on the house from here on out will be good news!

  6. Selling and buying property is always filled with surprises and trials. I am sure this will pass without much more drama. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new place - once you are settled.


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