Friday, 31 July 2020

Friday's Fave Five - 31/7/20

Well it's Friday again so time to look back on the week and highlight some blessings.  This meme is hosted by Susanne over at Living to tell the story.
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I skipped joining in last week - it had been a funny old week and I was feeling fed up with the house process but things have been better this week so here are my 5:

1) We had a lovely time with Rory last Sunday.  It was our Son & DIL's 6th wedding anniversary! That time has flown!  Anyway we fed Rory, bathed him and then I put him to bed.  He's in an ordinary bed now but he made no fuss when I put him down.  He likes you to sit with him until he falls asleep but I actually left him when he was sleepy but not right asleep.  I expected him to tell me "No Nanny" but he didn't and when I checked on him shortly after he was sound asleep.  I hope the next baby is as good.

2)  There is room to move in my bedroom again.  We moved our daughter's stuff that was in the loft down into our bedroom a couple of weeks ago and it was driving me nuts.  We moved it all to our son's garage last weekend.  We just managed to fit everything in the car so we only had to do one trip!

3.  They did a drain survey on our house this week and it seemed fine.  This prompted us to get one done on the house we're buying and that was ok too.  Breathing a sigh of relief lol.

4.  Our downstairs toilet had started making a strange noise.  Our retired family plumber suggested it was probably the inlet valve & washer that needed changing.  A relatively easy job for any DIY minded person.  Which hubby is not!  But that's why we have insurance for things like that.  I went online to book an appointment at around noon and found I could get one for the same afternoon!  A lovely young man came and had it fixed in no time.  He seemed very competent and he was extremely chatty!  Probably took longer explaining everything etc than he did actually fixing it.  But hey when you're spending a lot of time cooped up inside just with hubby someone different to talk to is a bonus lol.

5.  We're gradually getting rid of our unwanted items.  We've used sites called Freecycle and Trash Nothing where you can list items you want to give away and have had interest for some of our items.  Hopefully some will be collected today.  A friend of Nick's who does car boot sales said he would be happy to take stuff as well so we're trying to collect everything together in the next day or so for him to collect and then see what we're left with.  I need the house fairly tidy by next weekend as our buyers are coming for another look.  They've agreed to keep our Freezer and Tumble Dryer which are in the cellar so that saves us the job of getting them out of the cellar and disposed of.  They also want a wardrobe and chest of drawers that we don't need in the new house so that's another disposal job avoided.  We seem to be going in the right direction.

I could also add 2 more things to my list - we discovered an I-Pod docking station yesterday that Hubby thought didn't work too well but I managed to get it connected up with his hi-fi system and it sounded fine.  He's pleased about that! 

We also found that our video player still works despite languishing under the TV for longer than I care to remember.  Yes we still have videos - including First Communion videos of our kids which we will have to embarrass them with at some point.  I'm thinking of getting a treadmill for the room in the garden at the new house and although we might not be able to get TV reception down there I'm sure I could watch DVDs or videos while using the treadmill.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Making plans is good!

Although with 3 grandbabies on the way and the possibility of our daughter trying to move house I'm not sure when I'll have the time lol.

Enjoy the weekend.  We're babysitting Nathan tomorrow and our eldest son is coming down from Nottingham.  Will be lovely to see him - last time was in February!


  1. It will be great seeing your son this weekend! Thanks for keeping us in the loop about your move and all that is going on! So much excitement ahead in so many ways!!

    1. Thanks Terri. Yes we're really looking forward to seeing Matt.

  2. Rory sounds like such a good child. It's so nice to get stuff cleaned out--especially stuff that's not yours. :-) Looks like you're getting multiple things taken care of for moving. That's so good that the new owners will keep some of the things you won't need. We have a video player, too, and years worth of piano recitals and plays and such. We've talked of someday trying to put all the home videos on DVDs or something digital, but just haven't checked into it yet. We do have some old movies on video, but I think most of them are available for streaming now. Have fun with Nathan and your oldest this weekend!

  3. Wow, you sure are busy! Oh yes, I understand about all the checks and fixes. Our home is new so there is less to fix. Maybe that's why it seems easier here. We have passed all the inspections and appraisals, so we are on track to finish the transaction August 11th. Whew!
    Oh how wonderful to see your son this weekend!

  4. Sounds like you are all set for your new home!! I love places that recycle old items!!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Busy, busy times for you. Hope you are getting some rest in there somewhere. Glad you were able to do all those boxes in one haul. Moving is so much work but once you are in your new place I'm sure you will love making that step.

  6. I think our 'close' is the same as your 'completion'. Here, usually after close, one is given a few days to finish vacating. We have up to five days to hand over the keys to the agent.

    1. Ah slightly different then - on completion you have to vacate the property and hand over the keys. It can get complicated if there are several people in the "chain" as the money has to be passed from one buyer to the next and if there are any delays it can mean getting keys late in the day.

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  8. We still have all of our family videos in the old format. I suppose we should think about have them updated. Seeing the grandkids is such a highlight of the week. We missed them last week, so I'm eager to catch up with them this coming week. How nice that you got to see your son. Nice that the move is progressing, too!


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