Monday, 20 July 2020

A bit of News!

Well we finally got some feedback on the survey done on our house today.

Our buyers got the report back last Wednesday but didn't e-mail the agent until late on Saturday so we didn't get to hear about it until today.

Apparently there was nothing "devastating" in the report but it did throw up a few things they weren't expecting relating to gas, electrics and the roof.

As far as I can tell the issues with the gas and electrics was about having safety certificates for them.  Which we had already forwarded to our solicitors who I'm sure will have forwarded to their solicitors.  Left hand talking to right hand????

Anyway they've now also been sent to the agent to send to the buyers direct.

We've no idea what the roof issue is but hopefully we'll know more in a day or two and then we can see what needs to be done to resolve the problem. 🙏
Feels like two steps forward one back!  But at least we've had some feedback at last.

On a brighter note we drove over to visit one of hubby's sisters today and were surprised when 2 more sisters turned up with their husbands.  We sat socially distanced in the garden.  It was lovely to catch up with them.  First time we've seen any of them since we were locked down in March.

And here's a pic of Rory from yesterday - he does love playing with cars - he spends ages just lining them up them rearranging them!


  1. What a great surprise! And that photo of Rory is adorable! Do keep us posted when you find out about the roof!

    1. Yes it was a lovely surprise. Thanks Terri

  2. No wonder they say moving house is one of the most stressful things in life. I had forgotten about having the survey done and what unexpected delights it might throw up.

  3. That sounds like a great surprise.
    Good luck with the house.
    Thank you for sharing your little one. Makes me smile.

  4. Good news about the house. It must have been such a relieve that 2 of the 3 were all taken care of. At least now you know what you're working with. Such a cute photo of your grandson. Little boys and cars:)

  5. Now I finally understand what a survey is !! In our case it was the estate agent together with the electricity company and somebody for the roof because we had asbest in it. But they buyers signed without claiming anything. They are very kind and asked me if they could already put some furniture in our house coming from their apartment in Spain which they had sold directly in their "new" house. As there is no legal problem we agreed of course and they were very happy. Now it will start for you ! I will rest for a while and then unpack the cartons which are here each day or week a bit, I am not in a hurry we have everything on hand what we need !

    1. Hopefully. The buyers are now getting a survey of the drains done on Monday!


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