Saturday, 30 January 2016

SoCS 30/1/16 "An"

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This week's prompt is "An" so I'm giving you an Anecdote.

We're in the process of compiling a Eulogy for my Mother-in-Law and one of her daughters seems to remember that her Mum adopted the habit of putting her coat on to answer the door.

Apparently this was because she was always getting people call on her.  Indeed, living just round the corner from the Church that she attended regularly, you never knew if you might find a Priest sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of tea or maybe a down and out or some other random person.  Why the coat?  Well it seems that if the person calling was someone she was happy to invite in then  MIL would claim to have just got back from shopping/school run/errand etc.

On the other hand, if the person wasn't someone she wanted to invite in then she could claim to be on her way out, hence the coat.

Unfortunately none of the other siblings remember this happening.  Neither do I.  As I said before you never knew who you might find sitting at the kitchen table because my MIL was always welcoming.  This is one anecdote that we won't be repeating at the funeral. 


  1. true or not, it is a very clever plan!

  2. True or not, I like the idea. Might have to adopt that myself. Not that I get that many callers.


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