Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Update on Poppy

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I know lots of you have been praying for our niece's baby Poppy,  This is much appreciated and working!  Thank you.

Since moving out of ICU last week she has made so much progress that, all being well, she will be going home TOMORROW!

We are so pleased for them although they will have to get used to quite a routine with her.  She is still being fed by tube and that will probably continue for some time as she needs to be fed around the clock at the moment although they are trying to get her back to feeding from a bottle and also putting a plan in place for introducing solids.

As well as regular checks regarding the metabolic condition she has there will also need to be cardio check ups as she is now on medication to regulate her heart rate, another complication of the condition.

It's been very scary to see how quickly a baby can deteriorate when things are not right but to see how much better she looks now is amazing.

I would love to post a picture of her but in respect for the parents' wishes on privacy I won't.  There have been lots of communications between family members, and of course we have all had people praying for her, but none of us have posted openly on our Facebook pages for example.  But trust me, she is one beautiful looking girl and very much loved. 


  1. That is wonderful news about Poppy....I just love her name. Keeping her and your family in prayer.

  2. How thrilling that her parents can take her home at last and begin family life together. No doubt there will be numerous challenges ahead but I am sure you will all be treasuring every precious moment.

    1. Thanks Marie. Just hoping all these weather problems don't delay their discharge.


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