Monday, 6 June 2016

Monday's musing 6/6/16


It's official.  I have a small mouth.  Yep lots comes out of it but it is officially small.

Of course you are wondering how I came to this conclusion.  Well as part of the pre-op assessment that I attended recently I was asked to open my mouth as wide as possible.  This was so the nurse could check they would be able to get a tube in for the anaesthetic.  They measure the opening by how many fingers of your hand you can insert into your mouth from top to bottom.  

For most people it's at least 3.  I cannot get three of my fingers between my teeth when my mouth is wide open.  Almost, but not quite, so my mouth is small.  They managed ok with the anaesthetic though so not a major problem.

It also doesn't explain how with such a small mouth I still manage to eat too much.  You'd think it would help with dieting.  Apparently not according to my scales.  Oh but wait, the size of my mouth will only help with the dieting if the size of my plate is small too!  Hmm, didn't get that memo.

I have such a sweet tooth and the last couple of weeks I have done very little exercise.  Maybe I won't get on the scales today.

What I am going to do is try and get back to some sort of normal routine.  Hard to do when hubby's around all day but I've promised myself to stay away from time wasting games and no Facebook until this evening.  Just couldn't resist posting a blog though.


  1. good luck with your efforts dear

  2. I understand the sweet sweet tooth is the size of some small countries.

  3. Now, Blogging is way different than Facebook (giggling and smiles)...that won't be counted against you...oh I hear you about the sweet tooth...smiles

  4. Three fit quite easily in my big mouth! Never heard that before, but I had to try it! LOL Once in awhile I crave sweet, but not often. My downfall is salty and crunchy...oh and pasta and potatoes....

  5. The very mention of the word diet and I have a desperate need to empty the biscuit tin into my mouth. So I wish you well.

  6. Mr. G is used to my sometimes strange behaviour, so he thinks, but this time he was surprised when I tried to measure my mouth following your directions. I must have a big mouth, because I could easily put 3 fingers !
    You really made me laugh ! I'll ask all my friends now to measure their mouth, some have small once, but in reality when it comes to words it's rather big !

  7. I have a problem with my jawbones. It is all that I can do to get two fingers in there without risking my jaws locking. I probably could have done three or more before this jaw problem started. The first locking episode happened when I was thirty years old. I was able to successfully have anesthesia for my surgery, so I hope that all will go well with yours, too.

    Have a blessed day!


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