Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tired today! 23/6/16

I doubt it made the international news but I'm sure everyone in the UK is aware of the awful storms we had here in London last night.  The thunder and lightening were pretty impressive and loud!  The rain was relentless and the air was very humid.

Consequently I did not sleep well.

We were not subject to any flooding although there was a bit of dampness on the cellar floor, nothing out of the usual.  Our nearby station of Manor Park was flooded though and that disrupted the overground train services this morning.  My son was not impressed.  Sounds like he ended up walking to Stratford to get on the underground.  This was after he'd also endured a cold shower as a power outage in the night had disrupted the timer on the boiler!

Some areas were badly affected with several polling stations having to be relocated due to flooding and the travel disruption has been quite widespread.  I think it's a bit harsh when everyone complains about how we don't cope well with extreme weather here in the UK but hey it's EXTREME.  We don't usually get a month's rainfall in one night.  It's hard to prepare for that.  I'm really glad I got my grass cut yesterday though.  It's probably grown an inch overnight.

Fortunately our internet is working again today.  It was out of service from about 6 last night until after the power cut.  Hubby was frustrated enough this morning at trying to set up a mobile hotspot on his phones so that he could hook his work tablet up through that to enable him to get a piece of work done urgently.  If there was no internet I think smoke would be coming out of his ears!

Smoke was nearly coming out of mine as I had to do most of the IT sorting for him in my tired state (he is so last century on electrical gadgets) and on what is supposed to be his day off!

My sense of humour has just been restored though.  In connecting up his phone and tablet I had to unplug the microwave.  I just heard him trying to warm up his coffee and the predictable grumbling when it wouldn't work!  I think I will definitely have to replace the Mr Grumpy mug!  (Go here to understand.)


  1. Why, yes, Wendy, your weather news did hit us here in America and I just got done reading about it.

    Thanks for the giggles about having to replace Mr. Grumpy.Funny, my husband is very grumpy over our news here (concerning the "sit in" and out democrats acting like fools).

    Have a beautiful day friend...and, isn't technology wonderful? Your news hits us right away and vice versea. smiles

  2. We have had days like this here in Kansas, USA. We live a block from the power plant and our power goes off a lot!! I hate it in the summer because without the A/C it is brutal!

  3. That was quite some storm last night. Our drive was flooded again. We had only just cleared up after last week's flooding. We are fortunate that we have two steps up to the front door so it's just the drive and garage that flood but of course it isn't clean water that comes out of the manhole!


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