Thursday, 2 June 2016

In the right direction 2/6/16

A quick update on our niece's baby Poppy.

It's been a rough few days and she was off the ventilator for a few hours on Sunday but was struggling too much with fluid around her lungs so they had to put it back in.  However they took it out again yesterday and she has now gone over 24 hours breathing on her own.  They are hoping she will be moved out of intensive care later today to an ordinary ward.  Her liver is also improved so definitely heading in the right direction.

Your concern and prayers are much appreciated.

Thank you.


  1. Keeping Poppy and your family in prayer...I love her name, Wendy.

  2. Praying for her every day. Will continue!! So good to hear of the improvement! Thanks for the update!

  3. I will continue to pray for that sweet Poppy! It would be so hard to have one so little on a ventilator!


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