Thursday, 23 June 2016

It's voting day! 23/6/16

It's finally here.  The day when we get to decide our European future.  Will we be leaving or staying in?  We'll have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure.

The lead up to today's vote seems to have been going on forever.  There have been so many party political broadcasts (every party has to have fair coverage).  Yes those are the 5-10 minute slots where you change channels.  Bit like when there's an advert break.

A lot has been said but so much of it hasn't been particularly informative.  Figures have been banded about.  Nasty swipes at opponents have been made.  It's hard to know what's right and what's wrong.

Personally I voted remain.  I think, despite all the problems in Europe, we are better off being part of it and trying to make it work than throwing our toys out of the pram and going off in a sulk.  I fear what the backlash might be if the decision is to leave.  I don't believe it will make for better relations with countries like France for example.  There doesn't seem to be clear evidence as to how the leave process would be carried out and the effects it will have although various politicians, economists etc that I would listen to seem to think it will have a negative effect on our economy and that we will be worse off.

There have been various statements made in the press on social media sites but one that caught my eye this morning was if you're undecided you should choose REMAIN because, if at a later stage we realise it would be better to leave we could still do so.  If we choose leave now and realise it was a bad move we wouldn't find it easy to get back in.  And if we did find ourselves in that situation I doubt that we would be in such a good bargaining position as we are at present.

Hopefully the awful weather we had yesterday won't deter people going to vote.  You have to vote. Even when you don't feel there's much of a choice to be made or that your vote won't make a difference.  Whatever the outcome at least I will be able to say I was involved. 


  1. I am not British, but as a student of Global Studies, and IF I was British, I would have to vote opposite of your vote...just for the fact economically wise. I have kept up with your news regarding this and yes, it has gotten ugly the last several days.

    I respect your vote and the viewpoints. I think one thing we can agree on, is the world has gotten a bit scarier since we were younger.

    1. No problem with that Linda. We're all entitled to our opinions :)

  2. I was listening to this on our news this morning. I hope the vote goes the way you want it to go!! I hate it when politics gets ugly!

  3. I found myself following the vote all day in the U.S., and am sad about the results. I think you make a good point about how uncertainty should influence one's vote. It is hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube! I know this is a complicated issue and is not about us (as in USA), but it strikes dread into my heart about our November election. On another note, I hope your beautiful Poppy continues to blossom!

    Lorrie at


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