Saturday, 11 June 2016

SoCS - 11/6/16

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “mb.” Find a word that has those two letters in it, in that order, and base your post on it. Have fun!
I decided to put the two letters of choice into a crossword solver to generate a word to use and came up with:

Grumble - noun - a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone

Well yesterday I was grumbling.  Although that's not actually true as my tone was neither low or indistinct when Mr Grumpy went crashing to the floor.

Fear not, Mr Grumpy is not real, well not in one sense of the word.  (Although hubby is worthy of the title a lot sometimes.) Mr Grumpy was a mug.  Except he is no more.  Yesterday he met his demise.  I'm not sure how he came to leap off my kitchen counter onto the floor.  Maybe he was trying to make an escape.  Maybe, as my son suggested, he was a victim of Mr Clumsy.  Although really I should be Mrs Clumsy since Mr Grumpy fell on my watch.

Well he didn't fall on my watch, he fell on my floor, which is tiled and very unforgiving to any ceramics that fall onto it.  And as for glass, glass stands no chance of survival.  Mr Grumpy is now in the dustbin and I have stopped grumbling about clearing up the mess he made.

Not to worry.  We still have Mr Greedy although he takes up the entire contents of the teapot on his own so perhaps he should be called Mr Selfish and perhaps I should quit living up to my waffle name and get ready to go out!


  1. Very cute about Mr Clumbsy breaking Mr Grumpy. I hope you can replace Mr Grumpy. :)

  2. {{giggling}}} Thanks for the smiles, Wendy...we sure have a lot of that here as well...

  3. Hopping by from SOCS, which I just discovered today. LOL. Well, that NEVER happens at my house (LOL), except when it does. My DH broke a ceramic tile that I made years ago, it was very pretty, and he glued it together w/ epoxy. Maybe it will stay in one piece. Visit if you have time: Maui Jungalow

  4. grumble is a good word for that....hard combination.

  5. I enjoyed that little anecdote. Thanks

  6. I love that you name your mugs and the like :-) Nice use of the letters!

  7. Sorry I've been M.I.A. for so long (I need to follow the list of to-do's for staying on top of things better!). I hope Poppy continues to improve. Good luck with YOUR vote next week--the U.S. hasn't totally cornered the market on obsessional and depressing politics.

    Lorrie at


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