Saturday, 18 June 2016

Friday Five News 17/6/16

For once a feel good INTERNATIONAL piece of news.  Tim Peake, the UK astronaut is coming home.  Of course you might think as he’s British that this should be local news but given that he’s been up in space and orbiting the Earth for some time now I think it counts as International news.  He’s been busy while on the International Space Station and it’s certainly sparked interest in the space station.  Let’s hope he has a safe flight home.

The LOCAL news has been dominated by the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox outside her constituency surgery.  The suspect stabbed her and also shot her with a home-made gun.  It’s been reported that he had mental health issues.  I’m sure personal threats are something MPs are warned about, one of our local MPs was also attacked in his office some years ago, but I doubt if any explanation of why this happened will bring comfort to Jo Cox’s husband and family. 

SPORTs news as I suggested last week continues to be dominated by the European Football Championships but again for the wrong reasons.  Behaviour of fans is still the subject of headlines.  Thankfully none of my family have travelled to France for any of the games but my hubby did send me this joke today:
Found out last night I have won 2 tickets for the Euro 2016 final. However the final is on the day I get married. If anyone would like to go in my place please contact me. The wedding is at St Pauls church Oldham and the bride is called Sarah......

The ENTERTAINMENT headline that caught my eye was “Meatloaf stable after stage collapse.”  My immediate thought was that’s going to run into a big lawsuit if he’s been injured because the stage collapsed.

On reading the article I of course discovered that he had collapsed on stage – quite a different event.  I hope he makes a quick recovery.

The misunderstanding shows how important it is to use the right words to convey the correct message.  And my kids wonder why I don’t use text speak when composing messages on my phone!

Having read this MISCELLANEOUS  article I’m glad I only drink tea!  It’s about Starbucks overcharging customers.  Some customers were charged twice while others had a delay in payments being submitted so that they were then debited large amounts all in one go.  Starbucks have apologised and stated that customers mischarged would be refunded.  I would say that ordering tea is also easier than coffee with all the current combinations.  I like mine with milk and two sugars please.

All links are courtesy of the BBC website. Opinions are my own.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I much enjoyed this little bit of BBC News. So sad about the shooting!! Crazy world we live in, isn't it?

  2. Since our cable has been downgraded---(grr) we can't watch BBC---we can read some articles on the internet and its not the same as watching it. The killing of Labour Secretary Cox was frightening and very sad....I know people don't want to believe this, but one has to be vigilant in ones safety and be aware of its surrounding now a days....

    Tim Peake, yes, we keep up with the NASA news...its wonderful he is coming home, smiles.


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