Thursday, 6 September 2018

Bark - Ragtag Daily Prompt - 6/9/18
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Today's prompt is bark.  Well the saying goes "his bark was worse than his bite" but in the case of these two that might not be true.

Meet Ness and Joe.  These greyhounds now belong to my son and his wife.  They are quiet in that they don't bark very often although they are noisy when charging around the house or up and down the garden.  They don't do that very often either.  Contrary to what you might think, greyhounds do not need a lot of exercise as they will have been trained to do short bursts of running but at a very fast pace!  

When they first got them they were very quiet and not at all playful.  Now, although they still spend the majority of their time lazing around they are, particularly Ness, more like pets.  They often bring them with them when they visit us and they are no trouble.  Apart from the fact they are big and take up a lot of floor space when they lay down!  They don't curl up like some dogs do - they spread out.

Generally they don't bite but, having been trained to chase a furry object, there are certain things to watch out for which is why they are never off lead when taken out.  Rabbits, cats anything small and furry that moves and they would be off like a shot.  Fluffy toys for the baby are also kept off limits.  We've moved on from baby gates to dog gates!

They have been very good around the new baby in the house though, sniffing around him but mostly ignoring him even when he cries.  Hopefully that will continue as Noah grows up and becomes more interested in them.


  1. What great photos, thank you for sharing. Smiles.😊

  2. I am always happy when I hear that greyhounds have been rescued from the tracks! It is always good to have a child grow up caring for a pet!!

  3. I love the photos.
    Do greyhounds shed much?
    I am happy they have a good home.
    xx oo


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