Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Ragtag Daily Prompt - 11/9/18 - Orange

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Today's prompt is Orange.

I started off thinking I don't like orange.  Well I certainly don't like oranges and I'm not that keen on most citrus fruits.  Consequently I wouldn't have orange juice with my breakfast.

Then I realised I have these orange cushions in my lounge where I spend a lot of time.
The picture is poor but the cushions do work well with the colour scheme of the room.  However they are the most uncomfortable cushions ever.  They are just too puffed up.  Most of us remove the cushions when sitting on the sofas.  (We also have a 2 seater with matching cushions!)  So the cushions often end up on the floor or lobbed behind the sofa.

I also decided to inject some colour into my wardrobe recently when I updated it.  I still had a lot of work style clothes and a lot of blue and black.

These found their way in:

As did quite a lot of new things. 

I've yet to wear the trousers as they're quite a heavy cotton and we had such a long hot summer that they would have been too warm for me even though they are cropped.  Then I spent the last 3 weeks wearing a support on my leg which severly limited my choice of outfits.  It was shorts, shorts or shorts!  Not strictly true as I did have 2 pairs of loose trousers that just fitted over the support but thankfully it has been warm enough for shorts.  The weather has definitely changed now though so I will have to get some wear out of those before it gets too cool.

I'm also a fan of these:

I love having fresh flowers in the house and brightly coloured ones especially.

And now I'm off to prepare some of these to accompany our dinner.


  1. I like oranges... the colors and the fruit! LOL I do like your pillows and your new outfit!!

  2. I am not a fan of oranges either and as I dont drink any alcool I am always offered orange juice instead ! But I like orange as à color and like toi have some cushions and other things in orange.It's à cheerful coloré ! Happy To read that you finally gor rid of that sexy leg support ! You must feel like à feather now !

  3. I am not a fan of range either except at Halloween! The I love the orange pumpkins and candy corn!!

  4. Hi,
    I need to add some orange to my wardrobe. My friend Katie wore a lovely orange jacket on Saturday, it was so pretty. I realized I do not own anything orange. ;-)
    I love orange in flowers and decorating for Autumn.



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