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Sobriquet - Ragtag Daily Prompt - 5/9/18
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The word for today is “sobriquet” (/ˈsoʊbrɪkeɪ/ SOH-bri-kay) – a nickname, sometimes assumed, but often given by another. Distinct from a pseudonym, it usually is a familiar name used in place of a real name without the need of explanation, often becoming more familiar than the original name.

Well I don't have a nickname.  I don't even have a middle name.  I'm the youngest of 3 and only the eldest of us got a middle name.  Don't ask me why. I don't know.  But as my brother's middle name is Ernest perhaps I should just be grateful.

I don't dislike my name (Wendy) but I hate it when it gets shortened to Wend, especially if the person doing it isn't that close a friend.  My Mum used to do it a lot but of course I didn't complain after all she gave me the name.

I don't always shorten our kids' names but they have recognised shortened versions and I know they don't object to them being used.  I think diminutives that could readily be names in their own right, e.g Chris for Christopher are ok but can you ever imagine someone calling their daughter Wend?

Although having worked in a school I've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful names.

It's hard with a large family finding original names.  We haven't had any duplicates yet but I can see that we might at some point now that lots of our sons and daughters are having children of their own.  My husband wanted to give our daughter the same name as one of his sisters but I vetoed that idea.  I didn't want her being known as baby or junior.  Having had a tough birth with her it was easy to persuade hubby I should have the final say and she has his sister's name as her middle name instead.

Hubby had a nickname when I first met him.  He's Nicholas or Nick but he was introduced to me as Denis.  Apparently on a visit to some friends of his at uni one of their girl friends misheard and though that was his name.  It stuck for quite a while, especially among his friends.

Another of his friends became known as Simon when his real name was Wilton.  Again I was introduced to him as Simon and for a long time didn't know it wasn't his name.  But on phoning his home and asking for him, his Mother made it quite clear I was in the wrong!  Didn't make that mistake twice. 

My Dad was a similar case.  His name was William John but he was always known as Jack and my mother was always known by her middle name as her first name was the same as her mother's.

The one other person I do remember having a nickname was an aunt (whose name was Iris).  She was often called Molly, or Irish Molly due to her quick temper.  She may have had a quick temper but she had a kind heart and I spent many happy times at her home during school holidays with my cousin. 

Well I'm waffling on as usual.  Perhaps waffler should be my nickname.

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