Sunday, 13 March 2016

Friday Five News - 11/3/16

A bit late again this week but better late than never.

The INTERNATIONAL news is all pretty depressing.  The Syrian crisis still dominates the news as does the migrant crisis.  Neither of those are going to be resolved any time soon so we will continue to hear about them. 

I don’t profess to understand American politics but Donald Trump continues to dominate our news in good bad and funny ways.  Over here we just can’t believe that he should have any hope of being nominated let alone make it to President.  I just hope we don’t have to eat our words.

This LOCAL story caught my eye.  “Man base jumps off The Shard with parachute” 
The link includes a picture.  The Shard is currently the highest building in London but it is also a lot narrower at the top so I think this manoeuvre must have been very dangerous but the unknown jumper made it safely to the ground, gathered up his parachute and disappeared.  I would just love to know “WHY????”

In SPORT:  it seems that life can be complicated.  This story concerns the status change for the drug meldonium.  The drug is often used to treat heart conditions but it seems that the tennis player, Maria Sharapova, has been taking it for 10 years.  Since January however it has become a banned drug and, Sharapova claims, she was not aware of the change, hence her testing positive for the drug recently.
It’s reported that there have been 99 other positive tests since January which suggests, that either tennis players are not very healthy or the medical world has finally caught on to the fact that meldonium is performance enhancing.

If Sharapova has a medical condition I sympathise with her but such a prominent player and her team should keep on top of changes regarding drugs.  There will be an enquiry and she may face a ban.  Watch this space.

For ENTERTAINMENT this week I thought I’d share this clip of a The Voice contestant Heather Cameron-Hayes.  It beats getting into the debate about Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies posted on social media.  If you must check that out go here or if you’re a “Kim who?” kind of person (like me) you’ll pass!

This MISCELLANEOUS  story is also on an entertainment theme and talks about the issues facing ballet dancers who are non-white.  I’ve phrased it that way as, if actors think they have issues with race when it comes to the Oscars, spare a thought for ballet dancers – they struggle to even get the right colour shoes.  It seems ballet still lingers in the 19th Century when it comes to tradition so they have a long way to go.

All links are courtesy of the BBC website. Opinions are my own.


  1. A wonderful read Wendy, really enjoyed your week.

  2. I saw this earlier and had to think on the Trump comment. Not that I am endorsing him, but there is a lot of anger from Americans on how this country is being run/ran. He has that 'pulse' down pact--unfort. non of the candidates on either side can relate to real word issues such as hunger, gangs, race/gender, war, peace and so on. It is a sad world we live in where people can not nor want to get along for better human mankind. Just saying...smiles

    Enjoyed your post, have a happy upcoming week. ---and I can only imagine how we, as Americans, look like from the other side of the pond...scary thought, really. Sad as well.

  3. I did not vote for Trump in our primary, and hope we won't be facing four years with him in the White House - however, four years with him would be 100% better than four years with either of the democrat candidates. Hillary and Sanders both scare the heck out of me.


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