Sunday, 13 March 2016

Friday's Fave Five 11/3/16

A belated post here but if you want to visit others taking part and the host Suzane then just click on the picture above.

It's a place to come on Friday's and think back over your week and just post about 5 favourite things from your week. It can be anything that tickled your fancy over the week. Favourite quotes, posts, happenings, scriptures, recipes, pictures, great internet finds, etc., etc.

Here's my five:

1.  Shopping trips with daughters.  I took a shopping trip with my daughter on Friday.  She wanted new work clothes as she starts a new job on Monday.  It was nice to spend time with her.  (Although she hates shopping so not exactly a stress free outing!)

2.  Impromptu dinner with all the kids.  My son and his fiancee were here for this weekend and the original plan was to have the other two siblings and partners over for Sunday lunch.  However because of the shopping trip with my daughter, she got invited for Friday dinner instead and then I felt guilty so ended up asking the other son and his wife as well so there were 8 of us for dinner Friday night.

3.  Home cooked pizza.  This was what we had for Friday's dinner.  Fortunately all of us like pizza.  It doesn't take long to cook and it's faff free.  Just my sort of meal.  Although I must add it was shop bought and home cooked not homemade.

4.   Libraries.  Hubby and I rejoined our local library so I'm looking forward to improving my book reading count this year.

5.  Flowers and chocolates for Mother's Day

The ones on the right actually look much better now as they were delivered packed flat in a box - yes really.  But they are now in full bloom and look beautiful.


  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day, Wendy. The flowers look really pretty and pizza is a favorite around here and I usually, when in a pinch, buy it from Walmart--they make great pizzas. Have a great upcoming week-loved the post. Blessings

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you! The chocolates and flowers were lovely gifts.
    Enjoy all the books at the library!

  3. Happy Mother's Day. Your country celebrates the day a few months earlier than ours. We do ours in May. Pizza is my all time favourite food! And libraries are one of my most favourite places! Hope you got some good books while you were there.

  4. I have noticed that the older I get the lazier I become when it comes to preparing food for a whole army, lol !


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