Saturday, 5 March 2016

SoCS 5/3/16 - This and That
This is my post for today SoCS the prompt for which is "This and That".  That's of course a good title for me as it conjures up all sorts of waffle which is very appropriate for my blog.  I can waffle on with the best of people.  Why use one word when 10 can be used?  Why simplify a story when you can include all the little details?

I had a great teacher.  My Mum could waffle on for hours at the end of which you would be aware that she had talked about this and that but if asked to be more specific it would get difficult.  Especially when in later years, even before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, her chats would be peppered with "thingamajigs", "what's its" and "you know what I mean"! 

Often I could work out what it was she meant but this was more tricky when she would talk about this thing she had done or that person she'd spoken to on the bus.  Mum was great at talking to complete strangers.  If she was waiting for the bus she would strike up a conversation with fellow travellers.  She knew her local shopkeepers very well too.  The trouble was that she would relate their tales to me and expect me to know exactly who she was talking about even though I had never met these people.

I'm not as good at striking up conversations as she was but I am guilty of responding to my husband when he asks what I've been doing all day, not with blogging, reading or other time consuming, unproductive activities but with "oh this and that."

If you'd like to take part in SoCS, click on the picture and it will take you to Linda's blog where you can find all the details and links to other participant.  Have a good weekend.


  1. Nicely done. I enjoy how SoC writing flows.

  2. Your mother sounds very sensible when she talks about that thingamagig. I like that word. My grandmother used to say thingme. She was English, was born in Scotland, and moved to Canada, then ended up in the US.


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