Saturday, 19 March 2016

SoCS 19/3/16 - Egg

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This week's prompt is "Egg" 

I like eggs.  I’m often treated to breakfast in bed by hubby and that will usually be fried egg with bacon, toast and often baked beans.  Sometimes the eggs will be scambled, sometimes there will be an omelette.

If I make the eggs I’ll often poach them as I think it’s more healthy.  Occasionally we’ll have a boiled egg or even hardboiled in a sandwich.

Of course my favourite egg is one that is made of chocolate.  Easter is a favourite time of year for me as it’s a good excuse for eating chocolate.  It would be very rude not to eat a present wouldn’t it? But why do they have to be hollow?  Think of all the extra chocolate you’d have if they were solid.
I know they would be harder to eat and would require cutlery.  But still in this case more is more!  And I need more!   

Alternatively the inner void needs to be filled with the gooey, deliciousness of a crème egg.  Or a truffle centre.  The hollowness is a waste of space.  It’s a disappointment.  Air tastes of nothing.  Of course air doesn’t add calories either but who’s counting calories when you’re eating an Easter egg?  It’s a treat.  A guilty pleasure.  A reward.  A craving that has to be sated.  
But of course there’s always the danger of ending up with egg on your face.

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