Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday catch up 20/3/16

It actually felt a bit more like spring today.  It was definitely warmer and the sun was out for a while.  I have finally been out to do the first cut of the grass in the garden this year.  It will need doing again soon as I had to have the lawnmower on the highest setting so it's not very short. 

Perhaps I should call it the grasscutter as I don't refer to my grass as a lawn.  It's not fit to be called a lawn as it has a lot of weeds and is far from perfect.  It is improving though so maybe one day it will be fit for a lawnmower.

Thank you all for the kind words and best wishes for my hubby.  Fortunately there have been no repeats of last week's collapse although he is still very tired and still suffering with muscles aches particularly in his back.  But these are easing each day.  We've had an appointment through for the 24 hour heart monitoring test.  Perhaps that will throw some light on the problem.

He's also gone all week without any alcohol.  I must point out that I don't believe my husband has a major problem with alcohol.  He can, as demonstrated this week, do without it.  Unfortunately, he cannot do without music.  Either going to listen to a band playing or jamming with a group of friends with his guitar.  Inevitably these sessions take place in pub or clubs or festivals, i.e. venues where alcohol is on sale.  So my husband will have a drink, or two, or more depending on how long the session lasts for.  He never comes home drunk and he has NEVER been nasty to me because of drink.  He will often be more talkative than usual which can be annoying.

When questioned at the hospital last week he was truthful about the amount of alcohol he drinks each week adding in that we might have a glass or two of wine with dinner some nights.  Well, according to a friend of mine, whatever he told the doctor would be trebled.  Because people lie.  Consequently he probably was considered to be drinking far too much and the assumption was the seizure was caused by alcohol withdrawal.  Which of course is a possibility.  And in some ways that might be easier to deal with than other causes.  And preventable in future.

Having been placed on a ward that had a lot of men who clearly had alcohol issues it has definitely been a wake up call for him and shown him he does need to cut down.  Especially now the advised number of units we should stick to has been reduced to 14 for both men and women.  That equates to 6 pints of beer or 6 medium glasses of wine PER WEEK.  I think I should be more worried about my kids than my hubby!

Shame you can't share your allowances like you can other things.

On a lighter note we went to a concert last night which our DIL was taking part in.  It was lovely and she had a couple of solo parts.  It was the first time we had really heard her sing on her own and gosh can she sing!  

Have a good week.


  1. Admitting the problem is more than half the battle. Whatever the cause, I hope things work out for you all. Nice that you could hear that performance!!

    1. Yes it was a nice evening out.


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