Thursday, 17 March 2016

Scary times 17/3/16

I mentioned in my Hodgepodge post that things had been a bit stressful here.  The cause of this was finding my husband collapsed on the floor early Saturday evening. 

I thought at first he might have had a stroke but he passed all the stroke tests in that he could raise his arms, smile and he didn't seem to have any one sided weakness.  However he wasn't very responsive or coherent and when he did become more lucid he couldn't remember what day it was let alone what we'd done on Saturday. The ambulance service were brilliant though and he was fairly quickly whisked off to the local hospital.  

There has been a lot of news coverage here lately about junior doctors striking over the imposition of new contracts so that services can be offered 7 days a week.  Well it was clear this weekend that already happens.  My husband was admitted and various tests were done including a CT scan of his brain.

The scan confirmed that he hadn't had a stroke and his brain looked ok so that was a relief.

The conclusion is that he most likely had a seizure, especially considering the initial confusion and memory loss (that came back after a short time) and the muscle pains he has had, especially in his back afterwards.  Now they just have to try and work out what caused it and we have to pray it doesn't happen again. But whether he fell and that caused the seizure or whether the seizure caused him to fall we'll never know.

He was kept in until Monday and has to go back for a 24 hour heart monitoring test in a couple of weeks.  He seems fine now apart from being tired and the aching muscles which are not helping his sleep.  But it was very scary at the time.

Fortunately he's now on a week's leave so he has plenty of time to rest and recover before going back to work and today it was a bright sunny day so we took a bus ride to the Olympic Park and had a nice gentle stroll around the park.  I hope the weather stays fine so we can get out a bit more over the next week.


  1. I'm glad it wasn't a stroke. I've had one, and believe me, I wouldn't wish it on anyone...

  2. My husband had 3 strokes and the last one forced him into retirement...anyways...keeping you both in prayer. (and how scary)

  3. Thank goodness it wasn't a stroke! We are dealing with that still, after Joe's stroke in early February. I hope the cause can be determined. It's always a worry when you don't know why something like that happens. Please keep us posted and know that you are all in my prayers!


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