Saturday, 26 March 2016

SoCS 26/3/16 - Real

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The prompt for this week’s SoCS is “Real” to be used with a prefix and/or a suffix or just as it is.  Really?  Well I’m just letting my mind roam this week so who knows where we’ll end up.


Of course it’s Easter weekend so I could be really deep and ask is God real?  But that would lead to all sorts of debates, none of which I care to get embroiled in, particularly given the current world religious climate and following the atrocities in Brussels this week.  That was real.  Although I’m sure for many of those affected and their families they probably feel like they’re in a different reality at present.  Or certainly wishing they were.


I do have faith but I struggle with it at times.  Reality in religion is not a given.


Oops I’m digressing back to religion and I don’t want any backlashes here, really I don’t.  Live and let live.  The emphasis here being on living.


On a totally different thought I prepared this post on word before putting it on my blog and I know we’re only supposed to correct typos and such but the spell/grammar checker wanted to take out the apostrophe from the “it’s Easter”.  When you see things like that it explains why so much is written incorrectly when authors rely on the spell/grammar check completely.  I’ll run it but don’t rely on it and still resort to a real dictionary at times.  I wonder how many people will be doing that in years to come?  Will future generations even know what a dictionary is?  Now there’s a really depressing thought!


On that note I should get back to the reality of my Saturday chores.

Happy Easter to you, even if you don’t acknowledge the religious side of it I can’t think of a better excuse for eating chocolate and, fortunately, I think chocolate will always be real.


  1. I can really identify with a lot of your thoughts - no pun intended!

  2. I like real chocolate and dictionaries. Lately, I use I don't think there will be a time when we don't have dictionaries, but I will hang on to our paper copies just in case. :)

    1. I have a really old one at home that I love.

  3. Wonderful to read Wendy, I can relate to much of what you have written.

  4. As a writing/composition teacher, I cringe when I see all the grammatical errors in print. Your experience at least explains why I see the incorrect its for it's.
    Happy Easter! (A wise person once told me that if you don't have doubts, your faith hasn't been tested.)

  5. I, also, struggle with the realities of faith and religion. I guess we all do!


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