Monday, 8 January 2018

Australia - Part Three - Blue Mountains

After our leisurely time in Sydney we packed the car up and headed up into the Blue Mountains.  The scenery is stunning.

We stayed in a beautiful house - another Air B & B - that was definitely a showcase for the Architects who built it.  The one thing that I loved about it was the amount of storage in it.  Cupboards and shelves everywhere.  Getting in and out of the driveway and the garage with out tank of a car was not so great.

We only spent 3 nights there but the highlight had to be a trip to Scenic World - definitely worth a visit.  And I did all the main attractions:  The Skyway - essentially like a cable car but with a glass floor that travels across a huge ravine, The Cableway - the steepest and largest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere, the Scenic Walkway through rain forest and The Railway - experiencing the thrill(?) of a 52 degree incline riding the steepest passenger railway in the world.  Yes I managed all of that but I still won't be going on any roller coasters anytime soon!

We also learnt about Aboriginal history and customs and enjoyed the company of our Nephew Henri who joined us there.  Nick also enjoyed an evening at a local bar with lots of ukelele players!  Sadly there is no photographic evidence of that but here are just a few (?) snaps of this leg of our trip.


  1. Oh my goodness, such beauty!! We have friends who lived in Australia for a few years (doing a medical residency) and they absolutely loved it there. I can see why! Thanks for sharing your trip with us through your words and photos!

  2. Wow! Your pictures are STUNNING! That scenery is breathtaking!


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