Friday, 19 January 2018

#Jusjojan 19/1/18 - Darkness

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I'm not sure that many people would openly admit to liking darkness.  I didn't think I was afraid of the dark though until I was really plunged into total darkness in the darkroom hubby had set up in our first home.  I found it totally oppressive and was very relieved when he was able to put a light on.  My sister-in-law's house in France is the same - they have shutters on their windows and when they are down the bedrooms are in total darkness.  I have to lift the shutters just a fraction when we stay there.  It does explain why her babies always napped beautifully during the day - she would bring the shutters down and the poor babies must have thought it was night time!

I guess living in London, total darkness is a rarity.  There is so much ambient light.  We once went for a weekend stay in a hotel in a country area.  The village was very small and off the beaten track.  It also had no street lights.  We went out in the evening to walk up to the local pub to eat and realised we should have taken a torch.  It was really hard to see as it was a cloudy night so no moon visible.  It was a real eye opener in more ways than one. 


  1. We really don't know how much ambient light there is until we get away from all of it. The dark is wonderful, and at the same time it's kind of disconcerting...

  2. I really miss seeing the stars you used to be able to see on a dark night. We have way too much light pollution where I live to see all but the very brightest. It's a fairly small town, but we have lots of industry


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