Friday, 12 January 2018

#Jusjojan - 11/1/18 - Humiliation

I'm a day behind on this - the prompt for JusjoJan yesterday was humilitation.

It got me thinking though and I started to work out what humiliating example I could share here in public.  One instance that immediately came to mind was actually a lucky escape.  I was at a friend's wedding and after a visit to the ladies room I almost walked back into the function room with a classic case of skirt caught up in knickers look.  Fortunately I caught a last look in the mirror before leaving the ladies and noticed.  And retrieved my dignity and avoided humiliation.

Except when I checked the dictionary (as I often do) for the definition of humiliation it gave me:

humiliate verb [ T ]

uk /hjuːˈmɪl.i.eɪt/ us /hjuːˈmɪl.i.eɪt/
to make someone feel ashamed or lose respect for himself or herself

Well my Mother could certainly humiliate me, especially if she caught me out in a lie, but I don't think there's any shame in a wardrobe malfunction or that it would have made me respect myself less.  I would have been embarrassd but not humiliated.  Although if I had embarrassed myself and then thanked the 3 other women in the ladies room at the same time, (who must have noticed my faux pas but said nothing to me) for allowing me to give everyone in the room a good laugh at my expense, they might well have been humiliated.  Or maybe not.

This prompt was brought to you by the very wordy Jim Adams at “A Unique Title for Me”.
Here's his link:
And here's the link to Linda's site - the host for Just Jot it January where you will find all the rules etc.


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