Sunday, 7 January 2018

#Jusjojan 7/1/18 - Indelible

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Well I'm sure we've all had clothing disasters where indelible marks have refused to disappear (well they wouldn't be indelible if they did) despite how much soaking, washing, stain removal sprays etc we've tried.  I've certainly had my share.  Bolognese sauce springs to mind and clothes touched by the leaking contents of nappies (diapers) are another one that I've been reminded of more recently.

I expect we all carry indelible marks too.  Evidence of my daughter's hurriedly organised caesarian birth is one of mine.  There are other battle scars too.  (Hockey sticks and rounders bats are dangerous items!)

Then there are the ones that you can't see but are still there.  The memories of a night spent rushing down to Kent and then back to London fearing the worst for my hubby who carries the physical scars of a cycling accident whereas my scars are mental ones which thankfully, due to his head trauma, he was spared.   

But it's good that some of those memories are indelible.  The bad ones remind us that we can cope with more than we think and life goes on.  And the good ones?  Who doesn't treasure the memories of children's milestones, a wedding day, birth of grandchildren etc.  Oops I've probably just alienated all non parents reading this.  Hopefully the scars won't be indelible.


  1. Great post. Stopping by from the #JusJoJan group. Nice to meet you.

  2. You are spot on. The trauma of a loved one being rushed to hospital is never going to fade. Loved one Ok but my trauma definitely indelible.

    1. Yes some things can't be wiped from our memories.


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