Saturday, 27 January 2018

Friday's Fave Five - 26/1/18

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne over at Living to tell the Story.  Pop over there to check out the guidelines and to visit other participants. 

Basically this is about finding 5 good things from the week just gone.  Here are mine:

1.  A get together with family members last Sunday.  Quite a few of us attended Mass together as it was the 2nd anniversary of my Mother-in-law's death.  Those two years have flown by.  After Mass one of my sister-in-laws kindly provided bacon sandwiches for us.  It was also an opportunity for us to browse through a pile of her books that she is looking to get rid of.  Despite my TBR pile being huge I still couldn't resist picking up a few books to bring home!

2.  Time with Nathan!  I popped over to see him Monday afternoon.  The first time in almost 3 weeks.  He is looking so much better but he is a bit clingy.  On Wednesday my daughter rang to see if she could come here as the weather was horrible and she didn't want to be cooped up inside all day.  Fortunately Nathan slept both ways in the car - sometimes he just screams - and it made a break for Rebecca.  On Thursday Nick and I went over in the afternoon and stayed for dinner.  We were able to get a few jobs done for them including putting their Christmas tree etc back up in the loft.  Neither of the girls like getting up into the loft as they hate spiders.  The loft is actually easy to get into and spiders don't bother me.

3.  Both my pregnant DILs had their 20 week scans this last week and both babies seem to be fine.  Always a relief for Mums to be able to see their babies  and that all is ok.

4.  A plumber in the family.  The electric shower stopped working while we were in Australia and the main shower was being a bit temperamental.  It was okay if you enjoy a hot shower but had become difficult to adjust.  My brother-in-law came over on Wednesday and fitted a new electric shower and a new part into the other shower so now both are working properly again.

5.  Converting my hubby to a smart phone.  Well I'm working on it.  Our DIL has upgraded to the latest iphone so has passed on her old phone to Nick.  It's so much more advanced than the phone he had which was really only good for making calls and sending messages.  But of course he's having to get used to all the new (to him) features.  I'm getting a lot of questions!

Lots of good things there but catching up with this cutie was the best!
Have a good weekend all.


  1. aw...your grandson is a cutie!! and how fun to have 2 more grandbabies on the way!! When are they due??

    it's actually not that difficult being a vegan...i'm not 100% vegan as I still like a hard boiled egg once in awhile and i eat bison (instead of beef) about once a month. I still eat chicken at times. I'm vegan 4 dinners a week though and of course my ballerina daughter is 100% vegan including the face products she uses. :) It's actually a healthier way to live!!

    what in the world is an electric shower???? i have NEVER heard of that!!

  2. It's hard to pass up free books. :-) Glad you got to visit with Nathan this week and the scans went well. It's a blessing when someone in the family can fix things around the house. I don't like the learning curve of a new phone or appliance, but once I get the hang of it I like it. I had thought a smart phone would be a waste of money for me and thought I'd use it mainly just to make phone calls, but once I got acquainted with some of the other features, I loved it.

  3. What beautiful eyes your grandson has! Glad there was a good report for the other two new ones on the way! Having a plumber in the family is a huge blessing. My son is studying to be a HVAC (heat, AC) tech. It will be good to have that kind of knowledge in the family. New books! Yay!

  4. I'm so proud of myself! I didn't bring a single book home from the church library give away this weekend! I did however encourage my hubby to pick up one I knew he wanted.
    Nathan is such a sweetie! What a blessing for you to live nearby.


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