Friday, 5 January 2018

#Jusjojan 5th January 2018 - Memories

Today's prompt is Memories.

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Memories are so important but unfortunately, as I've witnessed, can become elusive.  I think one of my reasons for blogging is to create a written memory of life.  Something that can be revisited without the struggle of delving into my head for a temporarily (hopefully) forgotten moment.  It's also why I'm determined to sort out my photos and get prints of some of my digital ones.  A work in progress.

I was fortunate to gain lots of my Mum's photos when she died but also lots of my Grandmother's photos and I love looking back at them.  Last weekend Hubby's family gathered together and his sister passed on lots of photos from his Mum.  We had a good laugh looking back at those, especially some of the hairstyles.  The kids especially loved looking back and having a laugh at our expense over our antics and dress sense.

Of course there were quite a few baby photos of the youngsters too so we also got to tease them about how skinny/chubby/bald/hairy etc they were.  Happy memories. 

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  1. I love the old photos and you are right about the clothing and hairstyles! Fun stuff and so special to have.


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