Sunday, 28 January 2018

#Jusjojan - 28/1/18 - Knight

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Well Leta has written a great story about a Knight on her blog but I must admit to being a bit stumped by this prompt.

Knight makes me think of chess and although I do know how to play it's not a game I really enjoy.  I'm more a Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit type but I do enjoy a game of cards too.  I suppose I just enjoy games that move a bit quicker than chess.  (Yes I am aware that if you play a timed version it's not really slow.)

What always amazes me is how well my brother-in-law plays when he can't even see the board.  He takes part in games over the internet and goes to tournaments and really enjoys it.

We played cards this evening.  Hubby, son, DIL and me.  We often play after dinner, usually contract whist.  Last time I played appallingly (although I was dealt some pretty bad hands) but tonight I managed to come 2nd.  Another game we play is cribbage.  One of the things I like about cribbage was that my Dad taught me but that's many years ago now.  Funny how some things just stick and others get forgotten.  Our son wants to play Canasta which we used to play a lot but I definitely need to swot up on the rules before we play that again.

I'm off to bed now.  Perhaps I'll dream of a Knight in shining armour coming to take me away.

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  1. I never could get into chess either and my husband plays cribbage but I didn't. Canasta was a staple when I was younger. We don't play card games much anymore. I did write about my Knight in shining armor as my post for today. :)


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