Saturday, 3 April 2021

Life in Lockdown - C is for Cousin Chats - A-Z Challenge 2021

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter C 

Life in lockdown has definitely been a challenge.  I’m quite an anxious person so it’s been hard to keep motivated and positive but one thing that has helped which I’ve been doing recently is chatting with some cousins via video.

I’m particularly close to my cousin Jill who, despite her claiming otherwise, is the same age as me.  I will concede that I am actually older than her but we’re talking months, not years.  We would often spend time together during school holidays even though we didn’t live that close to one another and we’ve remained close, regularly talking on the phone for hours at a time and visiting each other when we could.

Jill’s sister Julie has always been close to another cousin, Pat as they are similar ages and the 3 of them have taken several holidays together.  In 2019 I tagged along too to the island of Kos for a week of fun.


We have our own Whatsapp group and regularly message each other with our news but recently we decided to do a video call and we’ve been doing them each week for a while now.  It’s something to look forward to.

Like a lot of people we’ve had to get used to new technology and we use Google Duo for our chats.  We were in hysterics one week when we discovered we could become animals or wear hats while chatting.

Of course there is lots of serious stuff going on around us but these chats bring connection and laughter, both of which are really important when we’ve all been so isolated.  Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up in person at some point.  We might even manage another holiday!


  1. I will get my first vaccin now on Wednesday and the second on 25th of June ! I don't care what vaccin it is they are anyway all the same it's again a business and political question. We too are all fed up with the lockdown and some oldies are getting really hysterical and live completely isolated ! We try like you to have a minimum of fun and still continue our Lockdown babble club where we are 3 and meet every second day and on Thursdays we have decided to scrabble again, then we are 5 and that's OK. We are all longing for a meal in a restaurant or go out for a walk and sit somewhere and have a drink !! Your cousins are all blond, you are the coucou's egg ?

  2. Chatting with family or friends like that is fun ;)
    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

  3. I'm glad you are able to connect this way. What would we have done during this crazy time without technology. I can't imagine not seeing my grandchildren, at least online. Good luck with your A-Z postings. I will enjoy following along.

  4. Duo is always fun. Cousins really are THE BEST!!

  5. I am close with my cousin Kris. I have not visited in her person for several years, but we chat via internet.

  6. How nice! I was a lot younger than my cousins by about 10 years so I really didn't do much with them. Fun to keep in touch that way.

    Janet’s Smiles


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