Friday, 23 April 2021

Friday's Fave Five & Life in Lockdown - T is for Thankful (A-Z Challenge 2021)

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter T

Well I'm combining two posts into one today - that way they'll both get done and I won't be chasing my tail later in the day.

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story and it's where some of us come together on a Friday to share our blessings from the week.

The A-Z Challenge continues (details can be found here)and today's letter is T so I'm using Thankful for that.

For events from this week I'm thankful for:

1)  A day with our youngest son & his family on Saturday.  They came here and we had a buffet sort of lunch (pizza, quiche salad etc)  Always good to see them.

2)  A day with our daughter and her family on Sunday.  Again they came here and we had a roast dinner.  And cake!  It was Hubby's birthday.

66 years young.

3)  Hubby got a haircut!  That pleases me because I've reluctantly cut it 3 times during lockdown and it never quite met his expections.  He's lucky I didn't invest in some clippers and just shave it all off!  Hopefully I won't get that job ever again.

4)  Our library reopened so I have new books to read.

5)  Our daughter has a new job.  She's been a self contractor for a while now so it's a bit nerve wracking when a contract comes to an end and a new one has to be found but she finishes with her current post today and hopefully will start her new post in the next week or so.

In terms of lockdown I'm also thankful for:

  • Keeping well
  • Getting our jabs (2 for hubby 1 for me so far)
  • Being financially secure - Hubby's a civil servant so his job has been secure - just moved to home working
  • Moving house
  • 3 new grandchildren
  • Being able to keep in touch with family and friends via Zoom, WhatsApp etc
  • Home deliveries for groceries and all sorts of other things
  • Places to walk from home
  • A hubby that copes with all my little anxieties and frustrations
  • A hubby that cooks
  • The blogging community
  • Books to read 
  • Puzzles to do (Physical & virtual)
  • And lots lots more.  

Yes it was hard at times and I've often had to pull myself together but it helps to remember that it could have been so much worse.  I'm thankful that it wasn't. 

Have a good weekend all.



  1. Wonderful list of blessings this week!!

    that grandson and those curls!!!!!

    Happy birthday to your man!

    Yay for getting your vaccine.

  2. Great way to combine the two memes, Wendy! So many blessings, indeed!! xo

  3. I love your lock down list. I think I need to make one, too. And mine will include moving, too.
    Happy Birthday to your husband. Looking quite dapper there with his haircut.
    And yay for the meals with family! That's the best!

  4. I like that keeping well was the first bullet.

    As the pandemic progressed I found my self adding the words “Stay Well” after I thanked folks - family, friends and strangers alike. Strangers often paused after I said that to them, and then return with the same intent. “You as well.” It kind of felt like we were taking care of our fellow man. Like we cared that they stay well. It was a small thing but I think it always made a difference when I said it, even just for that few moments. Caring is important.

    Stay well, blog friend!

  5. I love this post with all of your gratitude. I think that the past year with this pandemic has made most of realize how good our lives are and how much we have to be grateful for. Have a good weekend. :-)

  6. Oh my word, the hair on that little one is fantastic. I would be driving the poor child crazy touching it -ha! We got our second jab today and are looking forward to some summer fun! Happy birthday to your hubs!

  7. Belated happy birthday to your husband! Do good to be able to have family in. Your grandson is so cute.

    My d-i-l has been cutting all our hair since the lockdown. I don't think I could do it--I don't have a steady hand with scissors. I'm not sure whether to keep asking her or whether to go back to the salon. It's a lot more convenient to have her do it--but she might be getting tired of it.

    Yay for your daughter's new work! Nice list at the end.


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