Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Spot what's missing - A-Z challenge 6/4/21, Bonus post

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An A-Z host hit us with a task today - do a post without using a particular part of an A - Z list. It's tricky. But I want to try.  Finding words that say what I want isn't hard.  Look at what my blog is on a list that contains all blogs taking part in A-Z in 2021.  I'm usually good with words. But so many words I pick contain that part that cannot factor in my post.

Hmm that is 7 strings of words.  I think I can call this task satisfactory!

Can you work out what's missing? 

Click to find a solution.


  1. I think i can do it, W. Not so long, but compliant to this regulation that will task my vocabulary. it's not as difficult as I thought!

    1. Actually it's quite hard and I'm afraid you made one slip ;)

  2. Wow!! You did it!! Good job!!

  3. For the moment my brain is as empty as my wallet ! No energy no inspiration I feel like a ghost ! without knowing how a ghost feels !Anyway Ric is still in hospital, I am already well known I try to catch the doctor ! But I managed to get her email !

  4. Well done! I didn't actually think any one would sit down and do it...


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