Thursday, 29 April 2021

Life in Lockdown - Y is for YouTube - A-Z Challenge 2021

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YouTube is getting a new logo every week this month – here's why | Creative  Bloq 

I don't use YouTube a lot but I have found it useful during the pandemic.  Need to learn how to re pressurise your boiler - look on YouTube, want to find a walking routine because it's too wet to get outside - look on YouTube.  I've certainly done both of those.

Yesterday we watched Grandson Rory do CosmicYoga following the "We're going on a bear hunt" story.  It was hilarious but a good workout for the little one (and his Mummy).  I was an armchair viewer.

It's also good for keeping a just 4 year old entertained.

I've never uploaded anything of my own and I certainly don't just watch it for the fun of it but it definitely serves many a purpose.  Especially for solving DIY problems during lockdown when you couldn't get someone in to do things for you.

Now if it could solve the problem of the multiplying laundry or the conundrum of what to cook for dinner each day it would be perfect.  Yes I know it could probably show me lots of videos of people cooking meals but I have a hubby who does that for me.  Yes I'm lucky.

Are you a YouTuber?  Is that a thing or have I just created it?


  1. Yes, Youtube is quite entertaining and useful. I use instructional Youtubes in my classroom a lot! Have a good day. See you again soon. :-)

  2. Like you, I don't go to YouTube for entertainment but I do look DIY things up there and am always amazed at how much information is out there! I think YouTuber has already been created, Wendy! xo

    1. I think there are probably a lot of more serious YouTubers out there than me Terri lol

  3. I have used it for some demos of my card making and things like that. we have also used it to help us try and fix things too.
    Janet’s Smiles

    1. I've only ever watched videos - never created one so well done on that!

  4. I seldom used YouTube before the pandemic. Some where along the line, I started looking at what YouTube offers and I have now (almost) become addicted to it. You can find some of the most interesting short offerings.

  5. During the pandemic I discovered the Holderness Family's YouTube channel. Their videos are so hilarious!


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