Monday 30 January 2023

Just Jot it January 2023 - Day 30 - Canine

Here we are at the penultimate day of this challenge which Linda does a great job of hosting.  Find all the info here.

Today's prompt is Canine provided by Dawn who blogs here.

I've had a couple of canines in my life.  Growing up we had a mongrel called Sandy.  Guess what colour he was?

Then at 19 with a broken engagement behind me my parents encouraged me to get a dog.  Smudge, not his pedigree name, was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and of course very cute.

When I met my hubby it was a case of love me love my dog.  Fortunately he did. Well he was fond of the dog but he's not overly keen on pets having grown up in a household with no pets at all.

Of course Smudge passed away many years ago and we've not had a dog since.  We did have 2 cats when the children were growing up, but since they've passed away our house has been pet free.

I did contemplate getting more cats but as my son has a retired racing greyhound that comes with them when they visit, and that's usually for a few days at a time, it wouldn't be a sensible idea. 

As for another dog, hubby is not keen on that idea so I doubt that will ever happen.  I do sometimes say that if hubby goes first I might get a dog for company but hopefully that won't happen anytime soon and by the time it does I'll be too old to be wanting to take on a dog.

Right well this is a bit of a waffling post.  Had to do at least one that lived up to my blog title.

30 down, 1 to go.

I've got this.


  1. I've heard that greyhounds, especially the retired racers, are very nice dogs...

    1. Ness is a very easy dog to have around but you cannot mix greyhounds and any small animal that runs - recipe for disaster.

  2. I have often wondered about getting a dog but feel I am out too much during the day . Maybe one day .

    1. Yes hubby worries about a dog being a tie too.

  3. We had a dog when Dario was a child as we always traveled to Italy we could take the dog along. But once he passed, we didn't want another dog because it's difficult to travel when you go far. I always had cats, my first cat choose my boyfriends. I really trusted her, she choose Rick right away so I choose him too.

    1. Yes it's easier to travel with dogs now they can get their own passport lol

  4. Wendy, I loved this "When I met my hubby it was a case of love me love my dog."

    I too have thought if Jeremy would go first, I would get another dog. And I think he would get one if I go first. At this time we have a cat. We had a dog Molly, she passed in 2018, she was 13 years old. We go back and forth on getting a dog, but at the moment we have no plans to.



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