Monday, 2 January 2023

Just Jot it January - Day 2 - Constellation

As always visit here to find out more about the Just Jot it January Challenge.

Today's prompt from Willow is constellation.

Well sorry Willow but I have no idea what to write about constellations - I'm no stargazer and the only constellation I can identify with any confidence is Orion.

We did take to looking up at the sky when the Space X Satellite train was launched and we could actually see it.  Living in a big city (London) means there is so much light around it makes star gazing a bit more tricky.  We were really surprised one year when we stayed somewhere deep in the countryside where there weren't even streetlights and it seemed sooooo dark to us.  Note to self after that trip - always pack a torch.

Hmm note to self - invest in a torch and put it in the car!


  1. I do love being out of the city at night and able to see the stars. And yes, a torch is always a good idea! :D

    1. I forget sometimes my phone has a torch!

  2. Lol no need to apologise we can write what we want! I was born and bred in London so I know what you mean about light! I like in Berkshire now not much better but getting out of town to see the stars is amazing. You can always use the torch on your mobile!

  3. Hi,
    We visited a Dark Sky Park a few years ago. It honestly was amazing to see the sky with no light pollution.

    Happy New Year!!!

  4. You used the prompted word in your post, so you followed through! I don't know where Orion is! Now I need to Google it. Hope you are feeling some better!! xo


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