Wednesday 11 January 2023

Just Jot it January - Day 11 - Wednesday

Well it's Wednesday today so the prompt for Just Jot it January is to use One Liner Wednesday.

Hmm this isn't something I usually join in with and I'm not known for my brevity so one line is a real challenge.

Linda suggests trying to make if funny or inspirational.  

Let me introduce you to Hoppy (the one legged pigeon) who regularly visits our garden:

Not the greatest picture but I enjoy watching him, (her?) and the other birds visiting the bird feeder while I try to come up with inspiration.

Go here for all the info on the challenge.


  1. That's cute ! This meme is too complicated for me ! We (Rosie and I) watch also birds but there are only the big once, magpies, pigeons and craws. I think all little birds have been the lunch or dinner of the big birds or the three cats which we can see from our 3rd floor. A white, a black and a ginger.

  2. We used to have tons of pigeons in our yard in Arizona. Not as many here in Utah. There are some seagulls flying around and picking through trash in the parking lot of the school (the teenagers discard all kind of things that seagulls like). I really enjoy watching hummingbirds at my feeder in the summer. Have a good day!

  3. I love watching birds too and often name them 💜💜

  4. My father-in-law used to feed pigeons, and he had a bird with one leg he called Hoppy...

  5. Another challenge conquered, Wendy. You are so good at these blogging challenges! How fun that you have a regular pigeon visitor with one leg. Good for him/her for continuing to live the good life in spite of his/her challenges!! There's that word again! xo

  6. You did it Wendy ;-) and a great name for your one leg visitor.
    xx oo


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