Saturday, 7 January 2023

Just Jot it January / SoCS - 7/1/23 Out of the box!

Yes I know, that's not the logo for Just Jot it January.  That's because today is Saturday which means in Linda's world it's a SoCS day i.e. Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  For all the information you need about this go here.

Well I'm not great at doing SoCS posts - the last ones I did were during the Just Jot it January challenge last year.  I tend to plan my posts to some degree but that's not the idea for SoCS.  The prompt for today's is Out of the Box.

Well for me most things are better out of the box.  I mean chocolates shouldn't be kept in boxes - they're meant to be eaten.  As are a lot of things that come in boxes.  We get Hello Fresh meals every couple of weeks or so and the first thing we do when they arrive is take them out of the box.  There are things that need to go in the fridge.  Recipes to decide on plus the obligatory check that everything is present and correct!

Some things of course are better left in their boxes - my medication for example is left in its box until I take it.  Emptying that out would lead to all sorts of confusion!

And then there are the things that you need to put into boxes.  Like the Christmas stuff that I took down this week.  The ornaments, lights etc go into boxes that are then stored in the loft until next year.  Even the Christmas tree has its own box.

When we moved house we put things into a lot of boxes.  Keeping track of everything was vital and my organisational skills were put to good use, especially when it came to taking everything out of those boxes again when we got to our new house and finding homes for everything.

Of course there's one sort of box that we all need to stay out of for as long as possible.  Yep a coffin is a box - you can even get cardboard ones these days.  Not sure I fancy being recycled though!


  1. A wonderful stroll on your stream of consciousness. It ends in death... I guess everything does. ;-)

  2. Have you read about the new method they are using for the disposal of bodies in the US? Essentially, you are decomposted in about a month in woodchips etc - quicker and releases less Co2. I rather like the idea of it - well when I mean "like" - it's preferbale to cremation and decaying slowly for years. Still fancy a proper burial plot though!


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