Saturday 21 January 2023

Just Jot it January Day 21 - #SoCS - Count on it

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Today's prompt is Count on it.

Well, I rely on my Fitbit to count my daily steps.  I can usually count on it to tell me I've done less steps than I would ideally like but it's cold right now.  We have had frosty starts every day this week and today is no exception.  Not the ideal weather to be getting out for walks.  Plus around the lake is still very muddy from all the rain we had prior to this cold snap.  So lots of icy patches to avoid.

I'm really trying to not avoid getting out for walks but I don't want to end up with an injury or two from falling over.  

I do try and keep active during the day - doing at least 250 steps per hour.  My Fitbit is supposed to remind me every hour how many steps I still need to do but I can't count on it to do so.  Sometimes it definitely reminds me, other hours it doesn't.  Well at least I don't think it does!  

Maybe I'm just being lazy.  Maybe I'd rather stay cocooned in the warmth of the house reading a book, or doing a jigsaw or knitting or blogging or just not walking!  Count on it.


  1. Hi Wendy,
    I am starting to miss the sunshine. We had another week of NO SUN. Just gloomy, wet, cold days. I do understand wanting to stay in cocooned in warmth. ;-)

  2. I can always count on my procrastination when it comes to exercise!! LOL We had a gray day today but our temps are in the high 70s so no ice/snow to worry about. Happy weekend!

  3. Yeah, we're at the stage of life that a fall might mean a broken hip or something. Stay in and wait until the ice is gone...


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