Tuesday 10 January 2023

Just Jot it January - Day 10 - Periwinkle

Today's prompt for Just Jot it January is Periwinkle which looks like this.

I know, because Google told me so.

My garden consists of 2 rectangular areas of grass, 2 raised beds containing lavender, some strawberry plants and a rose bush that has seen better day and a patio area that has some pots and containers on it.

It is extremely low maintenance and there is plenty of space for the grandkids to run around.

Not a periwinkle in sight.  In fact at the moment not much in sight at all.  The pots which were pretty in the summer all need a good overhaul.  I did buy some bulbs to plant in them but alas I think I might be too late for that now.  We haven't exactly had gardening weather lately.  First there was the snow we had that lingered for ages and since then lots and lots of rain.  On Sunday we had torrential rain.

Yesterday I was determined to get out for a walk as it was dry and there was even some sunshine.  Well it was dry as in it wasn't raining but the forest was far from dry.  I'm not sure I've seen it more muddy.  The river level was probably the highest I've seen it and where it goes down under the road that runs across the bottom of our lake it was really fast.

Definitely needed my wellies!

For all the information on the challenge go here.  Today's prompt was provided by Maggie who blogs here.


  1. I love periwinkles! They are such a lovely flower. Our garden is quite bare except for the camellias slowly coming into bloom.

  2. For 50 years I had a garden with a husband who just mowed the lawn and took care of the hedge. The rest was for me who has no green thumb ! Am I happy not to have a garden anymore and watch the gardener working from my third floor !

    1. Probably the best way to do gardening lol

  3. You know me Wendy, I love my garden. At the moment it is covered in snow, 42 inches of it. I do have several plants that I winter over inside. I keep busy keeping them alive or trying too. Hee Hee!

  4. That waterfall is wild!! Wow! Periwinkle is such a pretty color that I don't think we see often. I don't garden. I don't do plants. BUT - I appreciate and enjoy seeing other people's gardens and lovely yards!

  5. Hi Wendy. I just have a patio and container garden in our current townhome, and I am looking forward to moving back into a house with an actual yard and garden. I enjoy having plants - both inside and outside.


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