Friday, 2 August 2019

August Challenge - Day 1

Yep another challenge but I'm definitely doing this one my own way.

I noticed this one recently on Janet's blog.  For full details go here.

The idea of the challenge is to post a photo a day during August in response to the following prompts:

Well..... you all know how good I am at taking photos! NOT.

However, my blogging has dropped off again and I want to get back on track.  Prompts help with that, even if I do go off at a tangent.

Like today.  Morning light.  Well it wasn't very light when I got up at 2am although at 4am there was definitely more light around.  Yes I'm not a great sleeper most nights.  I did then manage 4 hours of sleep waking just before 8.  But at that point I'd forgotten about this challenge so wasn't prepped and ready with the camera.  It was a bit grey outside as well so not the best morning light to photo.

I'm more of an evening light person anyway so if sunset was on the list I'd be laughing.  But evening light is not on the list so I might have to be creative somewhere along the days.  (I have photos of sunsets previously stored away if I need to cheat!)

Talking of which, this is what my pic would have looked like:

Yes this is one I made earlier!  Definitely not today - today the window is open.  Although it's actually cooler and we had the duvet on last night for the first time in what seems ages.

We Brits do obsess about the weather!  When it's cold and wet we want it to be hot and sunny, then when we get what we asked for we complain about being too hot!  Although I'm thankful not to have been in the areas that have flooded this week.  Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

Today I'll probably be wishing for more hours in the day.  I have a few things on the (maybe) to do list and then I'm off to babysit Grandson Nathan.  Hopefully his Mummies won't be too late back as I'm off to Grandson Rory very early tomorrow morning.  Rory's parents are off to a child free wedding for the weekend.  Rory definitely likes an early start.  If today had been tomorrow I definitely would have been able to catch the morning light.  Oops, wishing my life away now!

There you have it, day 1 of waffle and a picture.  We'll see how this goes.  (By the way don't go looking for my posts on Instagram or the Facebook page for this, they won't be there.  Dealing with one social media platform at a time is enough for me.)

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  1. Okay! Off to a good start then! Interesting list that I will look forward to following here!!


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