Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Humour me, this post might be a bit scraggly! Jusjojan 20&21 Jan 2020

Well I'm a day late so I'm combining two prompts today.

Yesterday's prompt was Humor, given by Sadje at Keep it Alive and today's prompt of Scraggly was given by Cheryl at The Bag Lady

This challenge is hosted by Linda G Hill.

Go here for the rules of the Just Jot it January challenge.  Go here to check out yesterday's entries or here for today's.

Ok that's the admin bit done, now for the content.  Well I'm not going to try and include any humur.  Although of course, being a Brit, I had to add in the "o" for my title.  The word just seems a bit on the scraggly side without it!

If I'd stopped there this whole post could be described as scraggly so I'll have to think of something else to write.  

I was once on the scraggly side.  If I dug out some old photos you'd see I was definitely skinny and bony.  But I'll not embarrass myself just so you can all have a good laugh.   As I said, no humor in this post! 


  1. You did a great job combining the two words! I can't imagine that you ever looked scraggly, though!

    1. Scrawny was probably more apt - I was definitely a skinny child. Will have to dig out a photo! lol


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