Thursday, 30 January 2020

JusJoJan - 30/1/20 - Finished

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 30th, 2020, is “finished.” Use the word “finished” any way you’d like. Enjoy! (Today’s prompt comes to us compliments of Lauren)

This challenge is hosted by Linda G Hill.

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Well I'm feeling pretty finished right now thanks to another cold that's left me feeling pretty rubbish and getting through tissues like they're going out of fashion.

So I'm afraid I didn't get to Dazzle you (probably because I was chilling out watching Television) and my One Liner for Wednesday would probably have read "After a very long day with Rory, including putting him to bed, I'm too cream crackered to write a blog post!"

The links above will take you to the relevant prompt pages. Apologies for not giving a proper shout out to the providers of the prompts.

I've missed 6 days so far but this will be my 37th post of the month so I'm not feeling too disappointed at that. One of my 20 in 20 objectives is to be kind to myself particularly in circumstances like these. Could someone please tell me where my get up and go got up and went though?

Yesterday was definitely challenging. I was at Rory's house by 8 am and didn't leave until 7.30 pm. I'd had him all day on my own. We had been out twice to break the day up and bless him, apart from the last change of the day when he was tired, snotty, and had developed quite a sore bum, he was his usual cheerful self and very well behaved. I'm relieved that the final nappy of the day is a disposable one though. His Mummy is quite eco minded so he wears cloth nappies most of the time but overnight they've found a disposable works better for keeping him dry and thus asleep!

But I was finished for the day by the time I got home.


  1. Sorry you're feeling miserable...

  2. I'm so impressed with the amount of blogging you've done. I looked back at my 2019 and only blogged about 60 times the whole year. It was a year though! Determined to get back to it now so going to hunt around for some prompts. I feel stale in terms of my writing. And babies are delightful but exhausting so good for you! Hope you got a nap!

    1. Not a nap but definitely a break. Thanks Joyce

  3. Whew! Taking care of little ones is tiring for youngsters. I am sure I couldn't keep up at my age (I know you are younger). Kudos to you!

  4. I've done combo posts before too. Life happens. Hope you are feeling better now.


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