Wednesday, 22 January 2020

JusJoJan 22/1/20 - One Liner Wednesday

And still there are 3!

Rory was pleased to see them too - through the peephole in his rain covers!

(For anyone new here or not a regular visitor, we spotted these goslings 2 weeks ago and originally there were 4.  Last week there were only 3 but they have survived another week and seem to be growing.)

Linda G Hill hosts the Just Jot it January challenge.  Here's today's link for all the details etc.


  1. Good to see there are still 3.

  2. So cute. The goslings and your sweet little man!

  3. Cute face peeking out there. Nice to see the ducklings have made it so far.

  4. I am glad there are still three!! Rory is adorable!!

  5. What kind of geese are those? They actually look like ducks with that rounded bill, but they have those long legs.


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