Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Jus Jo Jan - 13/14 Jan - Subscribe & Publish

I'm slipping!  I didn't post at all yesterday - I was with Grandson Rory all day and then came home and cooked dinner.  By the time that was over I was done!  I did manage to chill in front of the TV but that was all I wanted to do.

But today has been a lazy day so I'm going to play catch up.  Yesterday's prompt was Subscribe and was brought to us by Willow!   Here's the link to the prompt page where you can find other participants.  

Today's prompt is Publish us by Ritu and here's the link to today's prompt page and today's participants.

The whole challenge is brought to you by Linda G Hill.  Go here for the rules.

Well I'm sort of subscribed to the challenge but I've missed a day here and there and I haven't always published links on the prompt page.  It depends how I feel about my post.  

Okay that's the prompt words used.  

I could probably do with unsubscribing from some things.  There are lots of e-mails that arrive in my inbox that I simply delete.  Of course it's easy to do that.  It takes a bit longer to find the unsubsribe link but in the end it would save me time.  As for being published.  Keeping my blog published is my only ambition there.  I have no desire to write a novel.  I do admire those that do aspire to do that and actually get to the point of having their work in print (or online) even if they have to self publish to achieve their goal.

I won't deny there are time when I've thought "I could have written that" when I've perhaps read something that hasn't been that challenging.  But then I read something that is much deeper and clever and I've realised that I don't have the skills to do that.

But I do enjoy writing on my blog and reading as much as I can.  What I also enjoy is the interaction with other bloggers and receiving comments.  I feel guilty sometimes that I don't get around other blogs as much as I'd like but there are only so many hours in the day. 

Today's hours have whittled away without any real achievements on my part.  Although hubby and I did have a good discussion about plans for the house so not a totally wasted day.  And he's currently cooking my dinner so I really can't complain!  Time to publish this post now I think!

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  1. Oh, for a husband who can cook dinner! You are so blessed!! LOL Mine can't boil water. It is always fun to read your posts, Wendy!! Have a good week!


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